Sustainable Energy Engineering

The energy sector is seeing growth in the number of graduate engineers required with knowledge and working experience of energy use, management, and planning. There are also a number of new industries at an early stage of development which will require technical expertise in energy systems and component design, and the “smart” technologies utilised in the effective energy control in buildings and energy networks/microgrids.

Graduates have also gained employment in other engineering industries as Project Managers, Process and Systems Engineers, Design Engineers, Technical Sales, Modelling Engineers, Project Engineers, and Research Engineers.

Job Titles include:

  • Energy Management
  • Test Engineer
  • Installations Engineer
  • Technical Support
  • Energy Consultant
  • Energy Procurement
  • Business Development Engineer
  • Specifications Design Engineer

Graduates are also securing jobs as Sustainability Engineers working across a multitude of sectors including transport, food and fisheries.

Sustainability Engineering concerns responsible use of the world's finite natural resources in a manner which will not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This requires Engineers to make optimum use of energy and materials, to mitigate any associated environmental impacts, and to fully embrace concepts such as life cycle analysis, disassembly and recycling within the design process.

More information regarding Sustainable Energy Engineering in MTU can be found here