Chemical Engineering in MTU Cork

Welcome to information related to our chemical engineering activities:


Our Graduates

Are employed in sectors that include pharmaceutical production, oil and gas exploration, environmental management, cement manufacture, food processing, business and finance and consulting, and the employment record from our courses is outstanding.  Graduates secure well-paid, satisfying, jobs at home and abroad.

Our premier programme 

Is the B.Eng. (Hons) in Chemical & Biopharmaceutical Engineering which has recently retained its IChemE accreditation at the “M-standard” issued by the Institution of Chemical Engineers. We have graduated over 800 engineers since 1983 and currently about one-third of our graduating classes are female. Our aim is to educate our graduates to be versatile, flexible and competent in order to be well prepared for the different roles they will fulfil as they move along their chosen career path.

We support Engineering and scientific programmes

In addition, we support the honours engineering degrees in Sustainable Energy Technology and Structural Engineering and, the part-time level 7 programme in Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology.  We also provide specialist courses to industry (Special Purpose Awards) and Springboard funded courses. Our module in Chemical Process Safety with Pfizer has gained global recognition, winning the IChemE Global Award 2015 for Training and Education.

Outreach activities

We are involved in outreach activities such as IWISH were we  are committed to showcasing the power of Chemical Engineering to transition year students in order to inspire, encourage and motivate young students to pursue careers in STEM.

Our academic staff

Many of the academic staff involved in the programmes have relevant industrial experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and beverage sectors. The academic staff firmly believe in apply engineering principles to industrial scenarios to underpin the teaching within the department which plays an important role in facilitating the ease of transition of graduates to industry. 

Our research

The academic staff  actively participate in postgraduate and industrial relevant research. Our Clean Technology Centre, a leading waste prevention focused organisation, is international recognised. Staff are also involved with the Pharmaceutical  Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC). The PMTC, led by an industry steering board, aims to address contemporary manufacturing issues through researching technology solutions.  is internationally recognised and our Irish National Centre for Membrane Technology is investigating separations of industrial and community importance.



This page was last updated 25 Sept 2022.